Our Mission.

Binary Brotherhood provides a complete tailored penetration testing experience for any businesses type and size featuring a modern scalable and collaborative Security-Skills-as-a-Service model...


We believe that a security assessment can be simultaneously easier and simpler than what it is right now...

Who Trusts Our Work.

The Binary Brotherhood clients are that ones who recognize that there are bad actors who are constantly looking for systems to break into and vulnerabilities in all networks and tools...

We Simplify The Way You Execute a Security Assessment.

We Simplify The Way You Execute a Security Assessment.

You deserve a partner that contributes to the success of your business, working as an extension of your team. After all, you are working hard, your vendors have to pick the load too!

Do You Need a Thrustworthy Partner?

How We Do It.

A service making a difference starts here

Our Values.

Our Values.

Although we are powerful machine hardware, our people are far from just bits and bytes. Their talent we promote gets the importance of edging their respective skill level. This approach helps to better serve both each other and our clients, and it shows in everything - from what we deliver, to what we value and believe.

The Platform.

Save Time. Save Effort. Save Money.

What Others Are Saying.

Director of Information Technology" - An Government Entity

"We have used other well-known vendors in the past, but we wanted to execute a shadow penetration test and compare the results. We were amazed by what these guys delivered us. I was very pleasantly surprised bu the whole transparent and straightforward interaction we had with them."

Senior Director of Global IT Services, Fintech Company

"Collaboration with Binary Brotherhood people had helped us to understand how to protect our business from several unexpected attack vectors we were not previously taken under consideration or uncovered by our current bug bounty program."

Not Yet Convinced?

Our Team.

We are professional security consultants, with years experience, highly certified and vetted, globally distributed, with a proven track of our experience.