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At Binary Brotherhood, when we talk about penetration testing, we want to be sure that our clients understand what we are saying. Talking in ways that are never overly-technical and avoid jargon, we simplify penetration testing into its most basic parts, and whenever we can, we speak in layman's terms, choosing to use the most common terms for technology rather than the terms that are newest to the market. This is entirely intentional, representing a departure from the "complex is better" mindset that we have seen infect the technology field as a whole. Simple is always better.

There are many variables in the world, but we always assure you of:

  • When you call us, you won't go hitting a ludicrously phone menu.
  • When you email us, this won't be going to the void, never get an answer or heard from us again.

At Binary Brotherhood, we focus on what matters and straight to the point, that type of service we would like to experience ourselves!

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