Information Security Awareness

Numerous information security incidents are caused by human errors. Security awareness is the extent to which employees can recognize and deter such incidents.

The IT Security concept expanded during the last few years as sophisticated technology started to be used virtually at any level. Because of this, IT Security was soon identified as not being just a technical problem, but everyone’s challenge. Keeping people focused on security requires that everyone in your organization has an expected level of awareness. That is why security awareness programs are so important--your security is only as good as your employees’ knowledge.

The attack vectors might vary in specific sophisticated attempts to lure an employee into revealing diversified pieces of information by taking advantage of human nature. Some of those attempts are conducted by sending spam emails, phishing emails, through phone calls, and any other social engineering techniques with the objective to degrade a victim’s focus.

Binary Brotherhood’s training works to elevate the corporate perception and provides a practical implementation of security best practices. All employees should participate in regular training designed to cover all the new malicious tactics used by attackers and accumulate appropriate knowledge about IT security and modern-day threats.

While a company might display a robust security posture that implements best practices and robust detection mechanisms, it’s the people by nature that are the weakest link in the security equation. A Binary Brotherhood security awareness program works to solidify your defence segments by educating your personnel and providing them the knowledge and resources they need to complete their daily tasks, securely.