Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure penetration testing helps you identify how a malicious actor could potentially access your data through your network. The test validates and exploits known vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure, helping to keep your sensitive information and system better protected.

Binary Brotherhood tests infrastructure, internal and external, simulating a real attack through well-defined manual and automated techniques, ensuring maximum efficiency. Additionally, we look beyond what everyone else is doing and build custom footprinting or exploitation tools tailored to each client's project particularities.

At the conclusion of testing, we provide detailed PoC and recommendations on how to mitigate respective attack vectors.

Our high-level testing methodology key points are:

  • Footprinting
  • DNS Analysis & DNS Brute forcing
  • System fingerprinting
  • Port Scanning (covered / active)
  • Services enumeration
  • Information Leakage through OSINT and other alternative resources
  • Manual verification of identified vulnerabilities
  • Attempt exploitation through public exploits
  • Build custom tools on the fly and try to go deeper than usual methods and techniques
  • Attempt exploitation through custom exploits