“Every drop in the ocean counts." - Yoko Ono

Keeping You Safe in Troubled Times

Looking at the world as it stands right now, we could not have envisaged just a few months ago that so many countries would have – to a large extent – ‘closed down’. The Covid-19 world pandemic is the most serious and wide-ranging worldwide crisis that has ever been seen in peacetime and has an extended effect on all of us as individuals, as well as just about every commercial entity in existence. Entire industries have stopped production, cities are empty but for skeleton staff, and people are working from home.

For us at Binary Brotherhood, where we are committed to ensuring our clients’ online security to the greatest degree, the present is a particularly challenging time. With so many changes in the way often-valuable and sensitive information is now being transmitted – due in no small part to the large numbers of people who are currently operating remotely from their usual commercial base – we have had to pay very close attention to what is going on, in order to stay on top of the situation. What are the challenges facing us – and our clients – as of now?

The Right Time to Strike

There is no doubt that unscrupulous persons intent on hacking into major networks, and getting hold of sensitive information, will see the current situation as an invitation to launch a strike – or, indeed, multiple strikes – on systems and networks where security protocols have been necessarily relaxed for business to continue. This is why the team of ‘Ethical Hackers’ at Binary Brotherhood – whom we believe to be the best in the business – are currently working extra hard to keep up with potential breaches.

Our expertise in providing SSaaS (Security-Skills-as-a-Service) solutions, in which we have many years’ of experience, means we are the right people to be handling your network security at the moment, and also into the future. We have the knowledge and expertise to stay ahead of the many cyber-criminals who will be giving everything their best shot right now, and we have stepped up our game to ensure our clients remain fully protected.

Prioritization in a Crisis

As we recognize that this is a genuine, worldwide crisis that has altered – at least temporarily and in some cases perhaps permanently – the way network security needs to be handled, our top skilled team of Professional Penetration Testers is all pedal to the metal, giving their best to help the clients who we have partnered with, and who trust us to keep their data safe. We can help you, too, if you find that you are struggling to maintain security in place during these challenging times, and it can be very difficult should you have many operatives working online from various remote locations.

We are here to help you during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and are also anticipating the help and support that will be required once the pandemic has been brought under control. Because of this, we are offering you an authentic human-driven penetration testing assessment of your assets. Don’t let your guard down, and stay one step ahead of the malicious actors!

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